Monday, July 27, 2020

I got cards.

These Braves came courtesy of Alex of Chavez Ravening. I think I spelled that right.

I had the Phillips mini, but I needed the rest. That was my first Blue Brave from 2020 Big League, and my 1st RC medallion from 2020 Topps.

I grabbed these cards from Cardbarrel.

All of these were needs from 2012 Cooperstown collection.

Three more from the 2020 Topps Total release.

Parallel's from 2020 Big League. Now the "rainbow" foil here is def. different in a good way than that of the Flagship. At least here you can tell they are foil. The rainbow label still is totally non existent. The other two are black & white limited to 50.

Tune in tomorrow for a Topps shipment.

And for those supposed to play in Friday nights BINGO game that starts at 8pm EST, please check in (in the comments of the start post) so I know who is actually playing. I will post it just before 8pm my time.


  1. Nice photo on the Swanson card.

    The boring Smoltz gets my vote though.

  2. I'm excited for another round of BINGO!

  3. Thanks for the BINGO reminder. I'm not usually a fan of black and white on modern cards but it works well on that Albies.

  4. I'm planning on being there for BINGO!

  5. I'm hoping to remember to play.