Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wacky Wednesday: 1991 Topps Wacky Packages

Here we go, this will give you a chance to see some "newer" parodies that may not have been around with the original 16 series. There are a few that have been re-done.

Unopened pack. This re-run set has variations. Some stickers are puzzle backs (standard), and some have ad/coupon backs. This is also noticeable on the fronts as the as backs do not have trademark lingo on the front.

Baseball parody!


Below are the ad /coupon backs from the first half, and a puzzle.

The checklist. Below are the rest of the coupon backs.

That's all folks. There are 4 re-run series in 79' & 80'. We'll get to those. I think next week, I'll do the 1986 album stickers. They are a bit smaller, but work just fine.


  1. These look like they were influenced by the Garbage Pail Kids cards with several stickers going with gross-out humor. I'll always be loyal to '70s Wackys.

    1. The original 16 are my faves. I think you'll like the 86' album stickers next week.

  2. I like these. Part of the allure are the products are from my "teen" years, so I could see myself tracking down the Popps Magazine, Nude Kids on the Block, Pego, Old Age Mutant Nasty Turkeys, and Microbe Machine stickers to my collection.