Friday, July 24, 2020

Nick: Part Two

With the reprints out of the way, we can move on to "regular" cards. Although, you might just decide that some of these are not your everyday cardboard.

1964 Topps. Attax.  Blue, Green, Gold, and Rainbow Foil (I have no idea why Topps calls it that).

Oh look at that top row just full of Gator colors. Green, Blue, Orange.  Gold, sticker, AG back, and Black. BTW, so far the "not your everyday" not shown yet.....they're next.

1970 O-Pee-Chee Braves. Thank you so much Nick!

Hostess and Post too. I already have the Post Mathews in my Braves collection, but I do need it for my set build. The pair of 76' Hostess are upgrades for my Braves collection, and I can then move "mine" to the set build. Red and Green.... Christmas is coming.

Odd balls.

Wrapping this post up with the Albies relic and Soroka autograph! Again, thank you Nick for a fantastic package. I'll be sending your Bingo card here shortly (it is next Friday). Also noting I plan on 2 more games later in the year and your in already.


  1. Some fantastic cards there!

  2. Very cool stuff. That Post Mathews is cool. It's even cooler that you're building that set. How far along are you?

  3. I have no idea how people stockpile stuff like this.

  4. The Eddie Mathews Post and Soroka auto caught my eye, in which was otherwise another outstanding package sent by Nick.

  5. I'm sure you can tell how long I'd been setting these aside for you, and again I apologize for not getting this stuff out to you sooner! I pulled the Soroka from my box of Big League right as I was getting everything into team bags to send you. Nice little cherry on top!