Tuesday, February 6, 2018

WTF: Stats

WTF? Just did a preliminary check on Braves issued so far this year. As of 2/6/18 Beckett online shows 647 different, jeez. To "TOPP" if off of those 517 are serial numbered. That is absolutely NUTS! Anyways with that said let me get my 2 cents worth of 2018 Topps out.

My Braves team set plus a couple of inserts.

One for the Braves in the Background binder.

Five Rookie Cups.

Grabbed up some PC inserts too.

More inserts of PC guys.

Here are more Judge and Kershaw base cards. Ya know if Topps would stick to just 1 base card (especially in Series 1 AND 2) go back to the old normal Traded set. Heck we might get the set back down to under 900 cards, perfect for pages and a binder. I said my peace, but don't think I don't like this years' design, cuz I do.

Now for the STATS from 2017:

Total (listed on Beckett) 8,642 different: 6, 879 serial #d, 6978 TOPPS, 1445 PANINI, 112, HONUS BONUS, 8 LEAF, 1 IMPORTANT DRAGON.


Just crazy numbers making it impossible for a team collector to truly get em all.

Have a great night!


  1. Have you found any of those Honus Bonuses

    1. I've seen boxes, but never bought any. I might though.

  2. This year's design is the least of my issues with this year's flagship product.

    1. P.S. I received your package yesterday. Dang that thing was heavy. Looking forward to diving into it. Thanks in advance buddy.