Tuesday, February 6, 2018

P-town Tom hits me up.

Tom of "Waiting 'til Next Year" fame hit me up with a trade package of Braves.

Tom sent a big stack of Braves, and he managed to knock 15 off of the needs list!

Thanks Tom, Your Cubbies left today.


  1. 15? That's not too bad I suppose.
    I started cracking into the collection I was gifted... let me know if you need anything from '89 to '93. Especially 1992, there's cards from about a dozen different sets in '92.

    1. 15 surprised me too. Mainly need odd balls, inserts from the 90's (according to my 90's page). Have fun going that collection! I'm starting another stack of Cubbies, and I haven't even grabbed those sitting at home yet, lol.

  2. Credit card-designed baseball cards. Those need to make a comeback.

  3. I love the "credit card" of Marquis Grissom.