Friday, February 9, 2018

Card show

I made my way over to Jacksonville, FL last weekend, and I did my best NOT to go crazy. I did pretty good except for 1 deal that really wasn't a deal in the end.

2 Big cardboard boxes with a ton of stuff inside. Originally there were 3 signed balls, and an $850.00 card in there. I told the dealer to pull those out and re-price it. I should of haggled with him (I'm really good at it, 99% win ratio), but alas I didn't and I wound up feeling like I didn't win in the end. Let's take a peek at what was in the boxes.


I apologize now for the sideways/upside down pics. When I download pics from my phone they come out sideways and out of habit I rotate them, then when I upload them to the blog they are back to sideways. I need to remember to just leave them be.

As you can read this box is labeled chase cards/promos. It was in one of the boxes.

Half of the box was filled with these. Nice high end holders, but I don't use them. Even the Star basketball players didn't do it for me.

Baseball cards work especially proto/promo Conlon's.

No use for these.

The boxing promos.  eh. The Denny's were dupes.

And with the Winter Olympics here.

Front and backs, because there were two sets. If interested in 1 of the 3 card sets, lmk in comments.

 Upside down, these are keepers, but I probably have them.

Again, eh.

Side break from the boxes: Now my buddy Eddie had a few deals right up my alley.

The T206 reprint set, for $5.00, yeah baby!... Looks like a smidgen are missing about a quarter of inch. I am looking forward to checking this list. Lmk if y'all want to see any.

Complete! yeah. $5 bucks again.

I didn't need these but I couldn't decide on anything else.

Again, didn't need these either, but was great to bust it open and pull cards for the PC.

Now Eddie has a box that most of you could spend a little time picking through.

Yes, quarter vintage, he actually has a lot of these boxes.

Let's get back to what was in the big boxes.

There were 2 of these, I opened one, no Braves, dang it.

2004 GOG, nice to break up.

Another complete Conlon set, nice.

A couple of nice (SHORT) sets to break up, and I did already.

Some odd ball Candian General Mills foldout cards, and some box toppers.

Didn't come out to well. Derek Jeter bat card from some unknown to me company.

Another complete Conlon set, and got 2 Babe Ruth sets.

Tons of these things.

Oh look another 2004 GOG.

Another NEEDED Conlon set, yes!  Now I just need to get 1321-1430.

The 2004 UD update set.  Already have the set, so I'll open this one tonight.

Half football, and half junk baseball.

Cool set to break up.

and another.

No use for this set.

This one might interest a few of you guys. Speak up.

Joe D odd ball.

Another mish mash box.

These are cool, but I may have all of the sets built already.

One of the other vendors was selling nothing but wax boxes:
1 for $10, 2 for $15.

Most of it was NOT baseball so I grabbed up 6 boxes for $40. Yes, I know what that equals out too.

How cool is that Braves.... team cards.  It took just 4 packs to make a complete set. I didn't open the rest of these packs.

Here are the other 5 boxes.   Heavy on 1995.

Leaf Series 2. I open three of the 4 stacks inside to knock out the complete Series 2 which I needed.

I knew I am going to break up all of my Ultra set builds, but I couldn't resist and there were 2 of these boxes. I opened 1 of them. 1995.

1995 Fleer.

1994-95 Fleer Excel minor league cards. I opened this one first.

I'll show more of what I pulled and the other card show stuff another day.

Have a great night!


  1. Looks like fun to go through. Those Fleer Ultra boxes should be a fun break.

  2. If you don't want those racing cards, I'd like to lay claim to them if possible please. Overall that's what I would call a pretty quality haul!

  3. Oh man, those boxes will be fun to rip. Can't wait to see what you pulled out of the Fleer Excel box. I love minor league cards.

    1. I ripped 5 of the 6 wax boxes. I started an Angels stack for you.

  4. Awesome showing of what you picked up at the show! I wish there were some card shows around me to find some deals like this that you found. I would be interested in the Anheuser Busch set you came up with as well as any Indians you pull from the boxes. Those boxes look like a lot of fun! You can reach me at tim(underscore)gretchen(underscore)marriage AT

    Thanks, Tim

    1. Tim, email me your address. Jax is a 2 hr ride each way from Valdosta, and 3 hrs from my home in Florida, not really close, but always something good to get. I liked some other stuff I got that wasn't in the scans above.

  5. What a haul! I'm sure those'll tide you over for a while. Love the Conlon sets in particular.

    1. this was just a part of it, and I've already gone through it all. lol.

  6. Awesome stuff! Tons of cool cards! If you end up having the Upper Deck Heroes Bench and Morgan cards, I'd love to trade for them.

    1. I won't know until I get back home and can find that binder. Then I have to check the PCs to see if I have them there too. If I don't need them then it's a go.

  7. Wow. That's what I call a card show haul. I love those 90's UD Heroes sets. Second time this week I've seen someone write about them. I think it's time for me to finally create my Master collection of these (w/o the autographs) and display them in a binder next to my Donruss puzzles.

    1. Yeah, I started a binder for them which is why I think I may have them all already, won't know until I get back home and can find that binder. Then I have to check the PCs to see if I have them there too.

  8. Nice job on picking up all the Conlon. Very jealous of those prices!
    Also, the T206 cards, even if they're reprints, are a great grab as well.

  9. Jealous of all that Conlon. Those Braves team packs are pretty cool too