Monday, February 12, 2018

Presidents Day

I know that the official President's Day is one week away. But, I am doing this one, lol. After all, it is a former President's birthday.

First let me say, that I have a whole lot more cards of Presidents sitting in those mini collection stacks that I have no idea of when I will get to for updating this file. Secondly, the cards below are in random order. My OCD so wants to make them in the correct order, but hey I've got plenty of other card related things to do too.

Last but not least, Happy birthday Mr. Lincoln (posthumously)!  I do not have a card scanned but I do have one.

Well, the first one is in order.

Here is #3.














Probably my favorite Presidential baseball card.

Have a great night.


  1. Presidents on cardboard makes a perfect mini collection. Maybe you can find one of those weird presidential hair DNA cards!

  2. The 2008 Goudey Presidents subset is fantastic! And that Roosevelt Era Icons insert is really cool. First time I've ever seen that set.

  3. Grant sure looked a lot like Robin Williams.