Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I'm going to try and clear some PC scan files this week which means I'll try to post every day, maybe even twice, lol.  I'm heading over to Jax on Saturday so I need to get caught up the best I can. I just got back yesterday from a run to Ocala on Saturday, then to Fort Myers on Sunday which included 2 rounds of golf, a flea market (yes I found baseball cards there but I'm not scanning them), 3 restaurants and that was just Sunday! For the record, it was two rounds of putt putt. But still a busy busy weekend.

First up, we have some Braves + Gavin sent me. I'll do the PC stuff tomorrow.

I needed 6 of the 9.

Needed em all!

At first I said no way do I need those 2012 refractors, but I was mistaken, I needed them both. Gavin gifted me the Hoyt custom, made fun of me with the toilet, found a 9/16 Birthday binder for me, and really put his imagination to the test by sending a died on 2/25 card for Mr. Porter (probably not going to put that one in the BD binder, lol.  Thanks Gavin.


  1. Ha, I must've just been quickly looking through the cards for dates.. didn't even notice it was a DOD! Sorry bout that. But glad most of the cards were appreciated!

    1. They were all appreciated, even the DOD. I got a laugh out of it, and that's always a good thing!