Monday, May 8, 2017

Scratching an itch

A week or so back, I had a major itch to rip some packs. I placed an order with D&A, with problems delaying shipping to me in GA, I had to wait beyond normal. I went to Wally World, and got a temporary fix.

Grabbed 3 boxes of 2017 Bowman, shame on me. I also grabbed up a few other discounted blasters and packs, those I won't show you.  In fact, I'm only showing the best five cards pulled from the Bowman (above and below)

This was very much welcomed into the Braves Collection.

One to mark off the JC cart.

2 more.

And finally one less Braves card to round up.  Overall, I wasn't pleased with the boxes.

But hey, I got the Chipper.  I still have more posts from the JBF buy, and still need to post cards from this past Saturdays' card show.

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