Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Twist on Wacky Wednesday

Yes, I am still going to post some Wacky Packages today. A lot of them in fact. I can't help it, but after picking up the 2017 Wacky Packages 50th Anniversary set I need to post them.

This set has me discombobulated. There are some great stickers in there, but Topps decided with this set to make the set in 9 cards mini sets.

Here is the 50th Anniversary sticker backs.  I am only showing them because it does reflect the original 1967 version of the sticker.

Here are the fronts of those stickers.

Now, we'll move on to the remaining 9 card sets.

This is what the card backs look like. So the first set here is the Crazy APP set.

Now let's look at the.....

Next up is.....

Next and the last for today (which is about half of the cards) is......

Plain and simple I would prefer Topps to have numbered the cards 1-90 or whatever numerically, not in nine card mini sets. I think this format sucks.  I'll finish the rest of the "sets" for 2017 tomorrow night.

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  1. I need the political wacks for my presidential binder! those are fantastic!