Thursday, May 18, 2017

My turn

Yes, My turn. By now, y'all should of expected something different, it is me we're talking about right. HA!  JK! It is my turn though to post about 2017 BUNT. BUT FIRST, a contest UPDATE
Some folks think that it is better to go last, I'm not one of those. However, if you are one of those folks, PLEASE don't wait until the 24 hour deadline to default (someone else is gonna do it too, so you won't be last, JUST go ahead and let us know your going to back of the line, that way the game won't take 6 months.  THANKS. We will all appreciate it.

Now some cards.

After reading a post and seeing BUNT for the first time this year, I decided to go find me some.

Besides, I had an itch to rip packs. Nothing at WalMart.  Found 4 boxes on the shelf at Target, and I grabbed 3 of  them.

The are the 3 Braves I pulled from Box 1. Not bad, I was happy.

Box 2: Braves?

Sweet, I was very happy.

Box 3:  Blanked on Braves though. Sort of.....

I did get a dupe, but hey it will go in the set build and I can live with that.

Next up are teh keepers for the PCs.

Box 1.

By now we all know each box has 3 of the coin cards.  BTW, is anyone out there doing this?

Box 2

Yes, 2 Kershaw inserts in one box. Again very happy with box 2.

Box 3:

Now on the the NON-Keeper inserts/parallels.

Box 1.

Box 2:

Nice serial numbered card to #/50.

Box 3:

A PURPLE! These according to the pack are limited to just 1 in 125 packs.

Have fun, don't forget to play the game. I want to see some steals,    (evil grin).
I am heading home (FL) just for tomorrow as my youngest daughter graduates high school. I still update the contest I will just be out of the loop for a few hours.


  1. Yep, gonna have to go get me some Bunt.

  2. That Odor purple is cool! That's a great pull.

    If you aren't using the codes, feel free to send my way. I've been dabbling.

  3. an Altuve to chase! good cards!!