Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Just got back to FL, and having car problems.....ERR engine problems. "Could be a timing chain, could be a bearing inside your engine" "We'll need 2-3 hours pre-authorized to find out" Now, that isn't something anyone wants to hear day one being home. I decided to cancel tomorrows' trip to meet up with a a couple of trading buddies. I'll catch heck for that from one of them for years to come (he's from NY, here making the spring training rounds and to play golf). I have to be back in Valdosta on Friday, and I decided to chance it getting me there (I do have AAA) so if I have to be without my car for a day or two I can still be there for my Uncle.

Anyways back to the Wacky Packages. Next round from ANS 6.

yes, tried them (when I was just a tyke)

good stuff, but not better than a fresh right out out of the oven Krispy Creme!


I don't think I bought the girls a Dora doll, but I may have and they did watch the show.  Swiper Swiper..

I have a few old ones, but I never really liked the candy.

never tried it.


Still use them.

2 more posts for this series, then I need to scan the rest of the the sets. Oh yeah, I better load them into the car before I head back so I will have them there. I won't make it back to FL next month at all.


  1. I think the Lapton for dogs is the best. I'm a Dunkin' man all the way. Double chocolate would be fine. Like the chocolate creme too. MMMM, Donuts!

    1. Oh, and best of luck with the car. I feel your pain.