Friday, March 3, 2017

Been awhile

I haven't posted since last Saturday when I got back to Georgia. It has been very hectic getting my Uncle home from the rehab. I've been so tired every night that most nights I didn't even check e-mails. (I don't use my phone to check e-mails either). I've had a lot of cards that I'd like to show off, but I think I will be putting the ones I picked up myself away.

I do have a few cards to show off tonight.

This card came as a contest winner over at The Lost Collector. Aj also threw in a couple of Braves. Thanks AJ.

These 2 Glavines came from Tom over at Angels in Order. Tom had recently posted about scratching a wax ripping itch he had. Tom busted a box of 1993 Fleer, and offered many up, and I chimed right in. I got these two and nearly knocked out my series 2 needs too. I still have to update that list.

This in person autograph came from a buddy of Lemanczyk up in New Yuawk. Okay that's just me trying to be funny. But, seriously one of my OCT trading buds (Don Roth) ia a golfing bud with Dave who is a golf instructor up there. I send all of my extras' to him so he can give them to the kids he coaches. I asked don to get him to sign one for me the last batch I sent, and he did. thanks Don and Dave!  BTW, that is an O-Pee-Chee card.

Last and certainly not least is a new to me Elway. Bob D'Angelo the sports blogger for a trade mag as well as the Tampa Tribune sent this one to me. Bob D and Wes/JBF have been my main source for new to me Elways over the last few years, thanks Bob.

I also got a box of cards from Adam (Arpsmith) recently that I still need to go through before I scan some up.

Have a great weekend folks. Hope to be back blogging regularly soon.

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