Thursday, March 23, 2017

A 4 pack?

What is a 4 pack? Is that the awesome abdomen of mine, not a chance. That would take a miracle for me to tighten up those muscles. But I will show you my 4 pack.

Matt from BWTP reached out awhile back and told me he was sending me the high numbered 1966 Topps Braves Olivio and Oliver, OOPS on that one, lol. At least I need this Oliver for the set build. The Olivo completes the team set build, but I do need to replace my Oliver #541 as it is badly creased.

Matt also warned me this high number was coming too. Down to just 7 more 67s to complete the team set.

Matt threw in an extra vintage team card, I'll have to look at that binder next time I'm home to see if it needs upgraded. Matt, thanks!


  1. Sorry man, I thought you need the team card based on your list on the right. Did you have it already?

    1. I was able to use it (team card)for my set build which is just as good. It is my bad because I never remember that Most Wanted list on the side bar. I corrected that (for now, lol).