Saturday, March 18, 2017

Special Delivery

I got my 2nd batch of customs from DefGav today. You know the guy, talented enough he should be working the INSERT department at TOPPS.

I had "commissioned" if you will Gavin awhile back for some help with my Names Binder for a few guys/etc that I wanted cards of.

As you can see the Baseball Card Breakdown icon displayed on the backside of the cards. Gavin definitely did some of his best work this go around. Details and all.

Now many of you don't understand why I would ask for such cards, but one day I will be ready to post that binder and these will make total sense then.

Just like the first batch Gavin sent card 8 not a custom.

See, and it's not the real infamous (never laid my eyes on one either) real no name Frank Thomas card.

I'm blown away with the round of customs. I love them.

I actually want a second copy of this one, but with the 9/16 reference on the front somehow. Or maybe in the 81 Fleer design.  That one will fit into MY Birthday Binder 9/16.

Great movie!

Here's the note Gavin threw in. Good and bad. These have been awesome and I may just have to come up with a whole new list..................................I don't want it to end........