Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shadow Shots

Another Saturday is here and normally I would be a little on the excited side. Why, well normally, I would have gone to the flea market, or done something else, normally. No, nada. I did absolutely nothing today, well besides play with my baseball cards. I didn't go anywhere, and I am home tonight too. I am chilling at home and I am good with that, just not "excited". Watching the second movie and working on the next batch of PCs to update.   Meanwhile, here are some Shadows for all to enjoy.

Tilt your head to the left as far as you can, because lamo me didn't rotate it besides this way is more fun. The Tazmanian Devil.

A flying insect/bug. SMACK!!!SMACK!! I don't mind, swatting a few bugs here and there.

I definitely remember showing this one before.  Circus Bear.

This one too, a galloping horse.

Some monster from Scooby Doo movies/cartoons.  I just can't think of the name.

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