Monday, August 24, 2015

A Monday Mini

Mini collection that is.  Over the course of the last year I have found new homes for countless "mini collections" that I once enjoyed or started if for no other reason but a reason to keep them out of the dupes boxes.  I do love the mini collections, and not long ago I dumped the bunting cards on Jedi. I have since rid my Rosin, Fist pumps, and something else I can't remember. No I didn't send them away I actually put them in with the dupes unless it was a team of one of my fellow traders/blogging buddies. Those last 3 minis actually bored me, so I decided to dump them for 2 others. Yeah I know I am NUTS. Anyways, As usual primarily just made up from dupes but not 100%. I have made mention of these 2 newbies in the recent past and tonight you get a peek at the start of one of them.


I'm not totally sure this one was a brush, could have just been disgusted with the call or even themselves for that matter.

You have to look close here as the "other" pic is barely showing, but you can see one heck of a brush back for sure. Nearly laid him down.

This is another one that may not be one, could have been something else. In lieu of not (hehe) I decided to err in my favor and include it.

Up high too.

I don't know what to think about that look on Sierra. Its like you got to be kidding me, right? That or I think I crapped my britches.

Those are the first 15 inductees into this Binder. I haven't searched my dupes boxes nor do I plan on specifically doing such. I think I will just wait, and as I go to pull cards out for someone and see one I will grab it.

Which Brush back did you like the best?  Why?


  1. I really like this mini collection. It's something you see quite often in games, but it's not the most flattering thing to show on a guy's baseball card.

    1. Several bloggers had posted in recent months about them, so I thought it would be cool. I was already scanning them to the Wacky folder, so now I get to keep them.

  2. I think the Sportflics is the best - action!
    Great idea for a mini collection, too.

    1. You should see it in hand. It is sweet. Didn't scan as well as I was hoping, but at least you can see the Brush Back too.