Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hump day!!!!Hoorah. Almost another weekend here, not that it actually makes a difference to me, cuz it don't. Although weekends do have more free time during the day.

No need to say anything here.

I know I posted this one a year or so ago. Love the standing bat. Catcher stood up, took off his mask, batter is long gone and the bat is still upright.

Talk about your awkward shots. Looks like he is doing the hokie pokie.

Looks like Baerga is saying yeah baby, gotcha. And finally we made it to where I started mixing up the sets/brands etc...

This so should have been the card front.

This one needs some explaining. There really isn't anything weird or wacky, and for that matter anything too interesting to me. However, for some reason, every time I look at this card, Wilsons' glove just strikes me as being too big. I mean every time. I know it is the angle of the photo taken, but it stops me every time.

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