Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Its been a couple of weeks, I am a bit rusty. LOL. Probably more an age thing.

Here are a few cards that are interesting in someway or another, at least they caught my eye and made me look harder at the card.


After sifting though all of those "new" cards I decided to pull out the "Brush Backs", and have started a file just those. This one of course was already scanned into the Wednesday file.

Speaking of those "new" cards, out of the 100K that were not specifically marked for Hall Worthy guys although they were loaded with all of the Super Stars, minus Jeter, there were 50K different. Yep, you got it, only half were doubles. And of course most of those were like 50 of one guy here and there typically those were in the years and brands we all have more than plenty of, like these UD I am showing in the Wacky cards.  Rest assured, I did mix up the scans (later), but we just have to get to those, as my OCD, will not let me go out of order.  LOL.

 I'm telling you, that hair. Funny story about Mr. Perez, when he was traded to Atlanta way back swhen. He was trying to get to the ballpark and got stuck on I-285, and just kept going around and around, and around.   lol. Skip Carey wouldn't let that one go.

Hmm, I guess it is the base that catches my eye. It appears to be more in focus than the player and thus should have Second Base where the player name is.

I wonder just how heavy that laptop is? I still have my very first laptop (no I don't use it, more nostalgia than anything) and it is only half that size, and with the removable hard drive in it, it weighs a ton.

I would make fun of the "posed" picture, but I can't, it reminds me of being a kid and playing catch with a buddy. You remember, one was pretending to be a pitcher the other the catcher.  Yeah you do, go ahead its okay to smile.

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