Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Shout outs.

I have a few people to shout out Thanks to for some goodies that were sent to me from them.

Greg from Night Owl Cards sent along these jewels.

Nothing like 50s vintage.

This one was signed by Andy himself.

This 62 may not be the prettiest looking specimen, but when you don't have one, it works great!

This Fleer has me saying huh?.. Front is awesome, but the back is 10x better. Talk about MINT looking. I should have scanned it too.

I'm really not sure what the year is on the Scoops as this is my very first one.

Some modern shiny. It seems weird to think that in 15 months these 2008's will be a decade old.

1984 Fun Food pins. The Braves have three in the set, now I need just the one.

Okay, I hate this set. Don't get me wrong the card is great looking, but I can never tell the variances of the parallels.   Anyways, thanks Greg, got a box ready to head your way.

These next cards need the backdrop set. Not long ago, Wes of JBF fame, posted about his vaction or staycation. He put up some cards, said to choose 3 (THREE). I choose 3 Andruw Jones cards, 2 were relic crads and the other was numbered insert (I think). Anyhow, I got the package recently and inside were 2 stacks of cards. Not just any stacks, no no. Wes sent along those cards I picked and then some.

Most of you know I have a John Elway Super Collection, and it hasn't been hit but maybe  one or two times a year for the last couple of years or since I started that blog.  Until now that is.

The green Leaf Certified, didn't come from Wes. It came from Bob D'Angelo who used to work for the Tampa Tribune (20+ years) as a sports copy editor and their Sports blogger. He is here in Florida, and a trader I have met personally ate lunch, etc..... I'm not sure where or if he has another job yet, but he is blogging for Sports Card digest (btw Topps etc...sends him the new product for his review.  Anyway Bob D ( I know a lot of Bobs), sent me a 2 card PWE the day after I got the package from Wes (Monday) and Son of a Bingo if one of those didn't hit my Elway wants too. Total of 9 Elway hits in 2 days.. Whoa is me.... here are the others from Wes.

2013 issue.

The Black version.

Wes even managed to send dupes of a couple Elways including one of the above.   Monday was a very happy day.  Part/Stack 2 is baseball, but first......

Why is the Elway cards a big deal to me, duh... Just Kidding, I have never posted a want/NEED list for it. To get 9 hits like that just BLOWS me away.

Now onto the OTHER STACK, remember Wes was "sending 3 cards".

Needed all of these Braves.

Needed all of these too.

And these.

And these too.

Last but not least, Wes threw in 2 non Braves cards in the baseball stack, this one I needed for the PC/hall Worthy binders.  Well, by now I hope you got your payback, uh I mean you vacation package.  When is that again???????


  1. Hey, I hate Bowman Platinum, too.

    The Nu Scoops is from 1961 and the Fleer is '63.

    1. tHAT SET DRriVES ME nuts!!. Yeah, I knew the Fleer was 63, that back is SO pristine, color and all. Thanks again. Got a little something ready to go, now all I have to do is get to the PO.

  2. Yeah - that looks about right for JBF's math.