Monday, August 17, 2015


It stormed here so BAD last night, i wasn't going to turn on the computer.

Here are the results after:

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  6. FUJI
  7. BRIAN O
  9. DAN W
  12. DEFGAV
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Al email me your address. Obviously you like hockey so I came up with something for you to open.

Up next are some cards that came from GCRL, sort of like winnings, but as I didn't actually win his contest, he still took real good care of me.

Needed both of these and didn't even know it.

Nothing wrong with a little high end.

Needed this one too, and didn't know it existed.

These 6 were all upgrades to the team set cards.

These didn't upgrade any team cards, but guess what?    Still needed for the SET BUIILD.   Thanks Jim.

The following cards came from across the Pond,  no not really. They came from Mr Pond over in Texas you know the one, the Padres fan, but I am quite sure there is at least one pond between Texas and Florida.

I scanned these before I checked to see which ones I needed. Off the top of my head, all of the ones above.

These I'm not sure. Thanks Marcus.

Next we have a few cards from Brian (HSCA).  I only scanned three, but as you will see they speak loudly for themselves.

I was so excited to see this card, that I didn't catch the sticker right away. I knew something wasn't right, but it took a minute. Why in the world would anyone put a sticker on a Hank Aaron vintage card? Oh well, glad to have it, but of course I still need two more.

Another card that got me excited, one of the high #d Braves cards I needed for the team set.

Brian also sent along this Chrome Heritage card.  he sent a few more cards as well, but those three say a lot! thanks Brian.   Your box is almost full.

last but not least, I made a trade with my buddy Bob (the local vendor). We traded a lot but only showing  these three.

Series 2 insert of Chipper, right out of a pack. And also I grabbed the boxed 20 card Members only set, so that I could get these last 2 Braves for the team sets. Of course I put the rest with the Hall Worthy cards except for 6 that are marked for bloggers, and 3 that go into the insert/oddball box.


  1. That Aaron is terrific. I found a couple '68s with those decals attached in a quarter box once.

  2. Glad you got 'em! I really dig that combined no-hitter card, I really liked Alejandro Pena's name. In Spanish class in high school, we got to choose a "Spanish name" to go by, and I chose Alejandro, even though it wasn't close to my actual name (Marcus).

  3. Congrats to the winner!

    There were a few of those Decal-ed 1968 cards in the bargain bin at the last few shows. I joked to the vintage guy when I bought the Aaron that I was going for a complete set of 1968 Topps with 1969 Decals on them...

    1. I still can't believe someone would have done that to an Aaron in 69. Imagine finding the Mantle that way. Still I love the card, thank you much.