Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TmT: All new scans

Finally we move on to 10 new scans.

Scan 17. gone

Scan 18.


Scan 19. gone

Scan 20.

1988 Fleer Record Setters.

Scan 21.


Scan 22.

several K mart cards.

Scan 23:

another run of the Chevrons.

Scan 24:

More Gold and some die cuts.

Scan 25.

How about some Electric Diamonds.

Scan 26.

1988 Fleer League Leaders (part 1) Julio looks so young there.

Claim a scan, send me a card from my Braves want list.


  1. John, if I'm not already too indebted to you, I'd claim scans 17 and 19... let me know and I will add more to the stack I'm going to send your way.

    1. they are yours, I will put them in the box I am working on. It is about 1/2 full, so hopefully it wont be much longer to fill it.

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