Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yes indeed, a fine weekend it is

Hopefully all is well for you folks. As for me, I am doing fantastic. Why such a great mood you ask? Simple...... First I placed a few of orders around, one being the one from JC previously posted, another on its way too, and one with D & A which came in Thursday night. It contained a couple of sets I wanted but more importantly 3 boxes worth of unopened packs all 2013 Panini (Prizm, Hometown Heroes, and Cooperstown) 24 packs each. Why did I do that? A couple weeks back reading a blog gave me the urge to bust some packs. I even left the comment stating so. No, I am not highlighting that pack bust today that will come next week. I was excited waiting on them, that itch was driving me nuts, which led to boredom which is a whole different post (Wed) will highlight what I did last week to cure that boredom. But, nonetheless I am in fact feeling pretty good.

Last Tuesday's post hasn't had a single comment and that should bring anyone down, right? Nah, I will just keep TmTing them each week (eventually getting to all 2000+). But in case you did read it, you seen that I am finally getting rid of those oddball, insert, parallel cards and stuff and also noticed that I still like them and can't pass on a deal.. Well, that is what I ran into Friday midday. I finished work around lunch and just happened to be nearby one of our "year round" flea markets. I stopped by to see my old friend Bob. As usual I didn't make it away from his booth. It was a slow day and we talked a lot while I was amassing stacks of cards, binders, boxes and misc. It was in one of those conversations that I mentioned to Bob that I hadn't done as much trading/box blasting (traders) in the last year or at least not what I had become accustomed too. I told Bob that I took that last bin of junk wax I had got from him, put 30-40 different in each pack and added 10-20 stars including HOFers, and yes Braves too. Cards ranged from 1981 through 2015 wrapped nice and tight into newspaper. I told him I was going to dump them at a yard sale as .50 cent grab bags. He said wait a minute, he needed some and if they are already wrapped up, he wanted a peek at them. I had gotten to the market around noon, it was now closing in on 2:00 pm, and Bob said that he was calling it a day and would follow me back to my house to bust open a few ( he popped 7).

How is that for a lead in?  I had almost 400 packs wrapped up (although we missed 45 of them under my bed). Bob popped the 7 packs and said he wanted them all (323). He hadn't let me pay nor did we even discuss a price on the load of stuff I had picked up from his booth, my guess it was several hundred bucks worth of stuff, at least $250 anyways. Bob being my firend for over 20 years, and a dealer in business to make money, I could not charge .50 a pack to Bob. We worked out a trade, the 323 packs for the binder with 2 complete sets in it. 1997 Studio 165 card base set, and also the complete 24 card portrait set too. Looked em up, about a Benjamin and the trade was done. That still left me with the rest of the stuff I got...... I threw a $40 football set 2004 Factory sealed Topps with Ben and Eli rookies at him and said what is the damage on the rest... But before I tell what he charged me I want to start showing some of the stuff.

How is that for an opener. 1956. Too cool to pass up. Bob had a $12 sticker on it, and I figured I could get it for $5-6.  Not bad for a vintage oddball.

I seen that and said yep, got to grab that up for Tony. 1988.

This one is from 1989 and notice Topps didn't use a sponsor this go round.  I figured I stow this one away for Fuji the next time I blast him.

I didn't stop grabbing things for other people there either.  Like I said, I love the odd stuff.

Yes, I do collect autos, and the 3 that aren't personalized are mine! But that one to Julie, come on that is a complete no brainer. Just got to get her on the road. LOL.  But Bob had gotten in a slew of Detroit stuff. Had some Red Wings autos too but I didn't know about them so I passed on them.

Some TCMA cards.  My dilemma here is that I trade with 2 Tigers Collectors Pat and Julie so these are going on hold for one of them later.

Ah.  vintage 60s. This too will have to be decided Pat or Julie. For those who haven't seen those booklets they have a comic strip inside 3-4 pages. Still couldn't pass it by.

These are going into the pile TBD later.  Okay Pat and Julie figure it out.  Julie I am hoping you do get to that new address, as I am taking the return fire to the Post Office Monday.

Some for the 2/25 Birthday Binder. Nice photoshop Topps, Lemaster is wearing his Braves uniform.

I had to get something for the 9/16 Birthday Binder too after all that is my birth date.

1984 Donruss Champions! In fact, Bob had a whole bunch of these cards and I did grab a handful but we will save those for part two of the Fabulous Friday Finds.  I will leave you with this last one for my Bday Binder.

Yes, that is Bob's sticker on the penny sleeve. I left there for a reason that I will share with you tomorrow.


  1. I love those Dominos Tigers cards. Not every day you see oddballs of guys like Ray Oyler and Gates Brown (among others). Looks like a solid trade!

  2. That Surf book is way too cool. I had one at some point, and may still one somewhere around here.

    It looks like there are Brewers a plenty at Bob's!

    1. That is where I got you those Bobbles too.

    2. Don't forget, I still have two more sitting here for you.

  3. The grab bags are a great idea. Would love to see a post about how you make and pa Mahe them.

    1. I will put a note in with the PWE heading your way.