Friday, May 15, 2015

Franken Friday

Well it has been awhile getting back to messing with my cards. Getting back to working regularly is still an ongoing issue, but nonetheless in due time, slowly but surely, etc......Thank the Lord for my career, otherwise I wouldn't have made it this long. The weeks are definitely rolling by faster now, and we find ourselves up to pages 76-78 on the FrankenSet.

Page 76:  7/9

Looks like I forgot to darken the scan. Nothing exciting here.

Page 77: 9/9 Complete.

Loaded with 1991 Fleer.

Page 78: 9/9 Complete.

Again this page was loaded with 91 Fleer, but hey. This weeks FrankenSet wasn't exciting for me.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Those sheets in the Frankenset need some new blood...but 1991 was such a good year for the Braves.

  2. Golden treasures! Glavine looks like an old man sliding into home. Lonnie Smith is doing the classic vintage "losing the ball in the sun" pose, a la Yaz. Great stuff.