Sunday, May 31, 2015


Yesterday's post had plenty to say leading up to the scans, after all there was a story to tell. So without any lingering chit chat.

As you can see I did grab a stack of those 1984 Donruss Champions for the PCs.

More TCMA, these I grabbed up for our Buddy Brian @ HSAC.

These too. I had promised Brian some vintage in my next dump to him, but when I went to grab some Twins I only had two, so .....

Yep, these too.

Now, Brian does have a Rookie Trophy Cup collection. However, these are for my collection. LOL.

Some for my PCs. I think I like that NY Legends set.

I really like this 2005 SP Legendary Cuts set. I believe I will go back on Sunday and grab more. They are absolutely beautiful cards.

Just some fun Ryan cards. I know I already have that UD, but oh well.

That was the complete round up from my Friday at the Flea Market.. Do you remember the last two cards I posted yesterday?  I will give you a hint.... Robin Yount... One had a price tag on it... Good ole Bob said to me "Give me $15.00 for it and I could have the rest."  I am definitely gonna have to go back Sunday ( I did already BTW and those will be in a post titled "Sunday Splurge")


  1. Very Cool - Thanks for thinking of me John!
    The Rookie Cups look very nice - Do you have an updated list of the ones you still need? I still have some doubles floating around, I might have some you need.

    1. I really dont have many, I will email you a list of what I do have. LOL..

  2. Great looking cards, particularly liking the Donruss Champions cards. I need to track down that Dave Parker for sure. Great score with all these for $15.

    1. Adam, I will see if he has another one next trip out there.