Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cool Cards and their story

From time to time you see me post cards from a trade with someone from OCT (Old Card Traders). I have been a member there for 2 years. The other day I received a package from just such a trader, Chuck. Inside the package was a 3x5 card with a note saying "John, I haven't had the chance to to welcome you to OCT, Enjoy the Braves cards  no return needed". As much as I love free cards (I will send a return), how cool is that, 2 years behind the game but I am not complaining. Let us look at these very very shiny cards.

These are 6 of the 7 base cards. I thought I had the Andruw, but now I'm not sure as there are so MANY parallels. When you collect "everything" it is often hard to know what all of the parallels are, and this one got by me.

Purple Holo

Silver Drops

Silver Slider

And Silver Rapture. Thanks Chuck!

Turns out there are several more parallel sets too.


  1. So much Brian Jordan, love it. That silver drops is crazy

  2. Good Lord. Did that set come with a warning for epileptics?

    I mean, not to disparage the kindness though -- that part is excellent! But these make the red-bordered parallels from Target look quaint by comparison.