Friday, May 29, 2015

Franken Friday

Before I start with the Franken pages, forewarning you about the next week or two, Have scans loaded and should have posts everyday.......

Also noting that these 3 pages were scanned before I got a Just Commons order in, which is coming in an upcoming post.

Page 82: 6/7 There are no Braves for the last two spots. (need #730)            

3 Topps, 2 UD, 1 Score. TP most noted player.

Page 83: 6/7 (need #738)

4 Topps (2 from 80s, 2 from 90s), 1 UD, 1 Donruss. No repeat players. Most noted being Deion Sanders (now filling the center spot from 1991 UD).

Page 84: 9/9 completed. Sorry I didn't re-scan the page.

5 Topps, 3 UD, and a Score. Overall good mix from the 80s, 90s, and 00s with a repeat player. Murphy most noted player. I do like the team card too.

Scans for the next month caught up and current. Cya have a great weekend. It is only Friday and mine is awesome already. You will see in some of the upcoming posts.

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