Thursday, May 28, 2015

The rest of the story

As promised yesterday, I will show the rest of the cards I picked up from JC in lieu of spending serious cash to get the paralells.

Had to scoop up some Stadium Club. I now need just #s 64, 148, 544, 628.

What? is that OPC, yep.

Finally, put a dent in that team set. Need just three more #s 53, 199, 412.

had to grab these two. Just need one last card. #170 Avery.

I actually picked up two of these. One for the Franken-Set, and no idea why I grabbed the other one, I had it already.  Speaking of the Franken-Set, knocked out 11 od the high numbers in this order including the card above.   #s 720, 727, 743, 748, 749,  758, 763, 787, 789, 817, 833, which completed pages 84 & 88.

Very colorful. Need four more. #s 26, 40, 180, 241.

Was able to put a huge dent in the 2004 Topps. Need two more base #s 264 Cox, 754 Shef. I do need four traded cards. #s 5, 43, 172, 184.