Sunday, May 17, 2015

The cards last sent to my moms house.

Awhile back I mentioned that I got a package sent to my moms house that wound up at my sisters. Well, I finally got them! They came courtesy of fellow OCTer John Stamper.

You never know what will show up on these cards when you scan them. Fortunately, we can see some of the Braves. The card with Fingers has Bruce Sutter. The two multi shot cards on the top row both have Dale Murphy sporting a very similar shot to the one on the bottom left.  These 6 closed out that team set for me.

Two from the 87 Sportflics set. At least you can see both Braves. In fact both shots on each as well.

A couple of OPC.

These 6 closed out the 1988 Topps Big team set for me.

Rounding out the package was this piece of vintage. My first Braves from 56!

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  1. Love the Bruton! Actually... love any 56 Topps card. Even the Yankees.

    Btw... I wanted to give you an update on the package you sent me. I still haven't busted it open... mainly because my scanner was on its last legs (just got a new one last Thursday) and I wanted to have ample enough time to sift through it and right now time is tight. Plus smaller packages have been sifting in and I've been taking care of those since they require less time to scan.

    But don't worry... I'm looking forward to digging into the box. And I promise that I've been putting aside all the Braves I can for your next package. I'll let you know as soon as I get to the box. Hopefully in the next two to three weeks... but mid-June (when my school year ends) at the latest.