Tuesday, March 17, 2020



I just got done updating my set builds and Braves want lists. Last month I cautioned people NOT to send me anything without checking with me first as I had 2000 set build and Braves needs enroute.

Nobody checked and I got plenty of cards over the last few weeks. Fortunately, the only dupes I got were done by me in that HUGE Sportlots order. I ordered from 5 vendors, which I have scanned some highlights from each seller.

Here are the results from seller 1:

The top two groups are the prettiest of Hostess out there. But they'll do for right now.

Moving on to seller 2:

A whole bunch of Topps album stickers. This is the last of what I got either.

I love closing out a team set. I did a lot of that from this HAUL.

Seller 3:

See more stickers.

Got a lot of Braves needs, and a handful for the PC, but mostly set builds from this guy.

Almost everything I picked up was .18.  However there were a bunch at .25. and a couple at .36.

Seller 4:

.18 for that 61' Fleer!  Grabbed some Braves needs, and a few 75' mini's.

mini's.  I picked up close to hundred mini's.

Seller 5:

Love me some Pacific.

I grabbed almost the entire set at .18 a piece. There were 2 cards that were a buck a piece, and I don't know that the last 5 cards in the base set had the parallel.

Anyways, this is just a sampling of what I got. Overall, very pleased.


  1. 18 cents?? for 61 Fleer? that is nuts!

  2. Wonder how long Pena balanced that ball on his finger for. And kudos for tracking down a 61 Fleer for 18¢.

  3. I'm not all that surprised to hear about the cheap '61, it's not a very popular set, even amongst collector's of vintage... still a pretty card though!