Monday, March 23, 2020

More on 2020 Donruss

I have the set, well, I need 2 of the 4 SP right now. I need the chicken, and Domingo #261, 262.

The set is similar to the past recent as you have seen. Tonight, I'm going to show just the 2 SP's I have and the 38 variations (I have them too).  Some are just plain ridiculous, and all are totally unnecessary.

My two SP's.  I want the Chicken and Domingo for my set build.

Okay, here's my take on the "variations". Some are nicknames, those are easy and have the same photo......NOT GOOD!    Some actually have different photos, that is okay, usually fielding vs batting (vice-versa). Then there are most stupid variations.   Just a close up version of the same photo, some are barely noticible at that.

Just a look at the backs.

That's it.  A total waste, especially when they are not short printed like the 4 SP's.

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  1. Panini and their variations aren't my thing. I can see where it might be fun to track down all of the different Gwynns (not even sure he's in this year's set)... but without the Padres logo... I'd never pay more than a quarter for them anyways.