Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What to do...Ahhh I have an idea

No, I'm not trying to figure out what to do because of the "staying in the house" thing. It's my everyday everyday already. LOL. I've kept myself very busy these last few weeks bindering up my set builds. I've already put 40 sets (whether complete or not) in binders. Well, more like 50 sets in 40 binders. I plan on doing another 10 binders (15-18 sets) by the week's end. Yeah, I've plenty do on that front.

I'm talking more on terms of last Friday's most disastrous Big Fun Game. In the end only two players picked prizes. Not to bust on anyone, these are trying days for most people. I would however, like to emphasize the importance on starting and finishing the game in just a few hours or an hour that would be AWESOME. This can be easy to do, the game typically starts between 6 and 8 pm (to account for both coasts), the same WILL happen this Friday and the pecking order is always known beforehand. see here is this Friday's batting order.

March 27th:

Trevor P





Still yet, what to do? I feel that with a 3 hour time difference between the coasts that Player 1 WILL have until 9 PM EST to take their turn, thereafter each player should be able to make their choice within thirty (30) minutes.  This doesn't mean that we can't still finish within the first hour. So with that said  (all EST)

Trevor has until 9 pm to make his choice 9.01 the boot comes out

Gavin has until 9:30 pm (6:30 his time)

DK has until 10 pm

Julie has until 10:30 pm

Jon has until 11:00 pm.

I think knowing that you are on the clock might help.... I don't know let's see. I hope it works better for some FUN rapid play. At least I'll only have to stare at my blog for a few hours instead of all night. So this Friday folks let's try to get it done. I'm a big supporter of the hurry up and wait philosophy.


  1. Have you considered hosting a meeting on Zoom (or Microsoft Teams or Google Meets) to knock out the game for some truly rapid play?

  2. Hopefully the time limits will help move things along. These games are a lot more fun when everyone is involved!

  3. I'll be there, no later than 10pm. Thanks for hosting!