Saturday, December 9, 2017

More PC updates

Slipping some more in tonight. Jim Abbott through Earl Averill.

Love the on card auto. New total Abbott: 157 different.   Adcock: 5

New total Felipe: 19

Total Alston: 3

Grover Alexander: 3

Sparky Anderson: 2

Cap Anson: 1

Richie Ashburn: 5

Luke Appling: 1

Earl Averill: 1

That knocks out all of the A's except Alomar, Moises, Aparicio, and Altuve. I'll get them another day.


  1. Love that 1989 Topps Big Jim Abbott!

    1. By the way... I finally got around to ripping open that PWE you sent. Thank you so much for those vintage HOFers!