Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kiss the Bees goodbye: Braun, Bregman, and Brett included

This is the last of the B's in my PC update.

Jim Bottomley: 1
Lou Boudreau: 2

Braun is a newbee to the PC.

Ryan Braun: 59 different.

The 1 different pose above is the factory set variation.

Alex Bregman: 14

Roger Bresnahan: 0

George Brett: 226

Lou Brock: 46

Dan Brouthers: 0

Kevin Brown: 200

Mordecai, Ray, and Willard Brown: all zero

Kris Bryant: 38

Morgan Buckely: 0

Jim Bunning: 3

Jesse Burkett: 0

That's all! Player last name beginning with C are next.

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