Tuesday, December 26, 2017

C these PC cards

The last time I updated rather attempted to update my PC's was mid 2015. I made it to the E's but only posted the A's and B's. So my scan folder still has those original scans from the C's, and instead of adding hundreds of more scans I will JUST be showing those already in the folder with the occasional single.  This should get me to a manageable position.

Without saying anymore.....

There were 3 hundred to scan, so I just did this one, sorry Fuji.

Jose Canseco: 356 different  (the player collections link will have the complete list of haves)

Rod Carew: 98 different

Max Carey: zero cards

Steve Carlton: 106 different

Gary Carter: 189 different

Gary Carter: 189 different

These yearbook mini stickers back are all different.

Joe Carter: 247 different

One of the things that I noticed about Joe Carter while I was updating his PC is that his card backs OFTEN have him laughing.

I really believe this man truly enjoyed and loved playing this game.

That is part 1 of the C's.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday!