Friday, December 22, 2017

How'd I do?

When reviewing my 2017 collecting goals as associated with this blog and my website, I did pretty well. But you can decide for yourself.

1) Try to finish some more sets this year. I did complete 16 sets, so that is definitely worth an A. I did however have hopes of knocking out my 80's & 90's base set builds which didn't happen.

2) Try to add at least 4 T206 cards to the collection. DONE A+.

These are the last 4 that came in.

Different backs on the McIntyre.

Yes, that ONE is a reprint, lol. I have 4-5 more that I got this year that was sent down to Ocala and didn't make it into this binder yet.

3) Try to find a monster deal like I did in 2015. Or at least some super good deals like I did in 2016. I knew this one was going to be tough. I don't really think I stumbled into any super deals. I guess the best deal of 2016 was the almost half set in NM condition 1972 Topps for $40.00. That was a GREAT deal, but not enough to warrant an A, probably a B- at best.

4) Make some headway cleaning up my Braves want lists. A here, not perfect but I can live with it.

5) This one was an easy one, get out those Super Trader packages I had laying around for ever. Done, A+.

There you have it. Successful....yes.

My goals for 2018 are shorter and simpler and I'll list them around the new year.

Have a great Holiday Season!


  1. 16 sets? All of those T206 cards? I'd say you did pretty well in 2017. Congratulations!

    1. I had some of those T206's pictured already. I did add 9 or 10 this year (only 6 of those pictured were added this year).

  2. Love seeing the T206 cards. Those are definitely in the condition that I go for.