Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wacky Wednesday ANS style

In 2004 Topps dabbled their way back into the Wacky Packages. It was their first attempt since 1991. The sticker set has 55 titles with the backs showing a puzzle piece, checklist , or wacky coupon. The coupons themselves are like a double dip for the collector, so I will be showing them as well. Topps also added 9 "clings", 10 tattoos, 3 promo stickers, and 2 bonus stickers.  There are 3 different puzzles in SERIES 1 each with a different color border. I have all 9 clings, 2 Tattoos, all 3 Promos. I do NOT have an unopened pack or wrapper, nor do I have either Bonus sticker, and need 8 of the Tattoos.

These are the 9 Clings. I have a few doubles.

These are the 3 Promos. I have 1 double.

These are 2 of the Tats.

The 3 clings and promo above are extras and available for trade. I'd trade all 4 for 1 unopened pack.

I will be breaking this SERIES 1 into 2 posts.

This will be the break point for SERIES 1, will wrap up next week with stickers 37-55 plus the coupons and puzzle cards.

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