Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wacky Wednesday 1991 Style

1991 Topps produced a 55 card set. There are 15 variations one of which is sticker #26 having two different fronts Tattoo Skins and Barf's. The other 14 variations are all back variations. 12 stickers have 2 versions, and 1 sticker has 3 versions.  Making there actually 70 stickers. There are 2 different wrapper/packs with and without .25 price. The packs without the price usually have the rarer Barf's sticker. I have most of the variations which are basically ad backs versus puzzle backs. There are 3 different puzzles. I have a wrapper and unopened pack.

This is the first 30 stickers with their variations. I have them all except for the rare #26 Barf's and the variation back for sticker #28 New Pork, I need the checklist back with Barf's instead of Tattoo.

Next Wednesday I will show remaining stickers #31-55, the wrapper and pack.

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  1. Amazing how some of these wouldn't get past the censors these days and this was just 25 years ago.