Monday, June 20, 2016

A SECRET & Last of the Braves Big Deal cards

I'm going to wrap up the Braves needed cards pulled from those huge boxes last month.

Slipped 2 weeks worth in just so I could wrap this portion up, This portion, yeah no matter how much from those boxes I've shown, it doesn't include the 5000 + Binder guys (PC). Good news is .......
I decided just going to show off a couple of posts with those. I went through and grabbed just a few cards of each player that I thought worthy, bad news is I showed close to half of them already in the first highlights. Oh well. 2 posts or so and this series is finished. AHHHHHHH.

Oh yeah, the SECRET.   I paid nada, nothing, zero..... For these cards, close to 50, 000 in all, but I dumped the football and basketball on my buddy Bob.  The guy literally said he was going to throw them away. I said whoa buddy don't do that..  He also offered up about 2 dozen 3" binders but I turned them down as they were the ones that look like a basketball. I should have taken them for Bob too, but I was already overwhelmed.   FREE...  LOVE IT!

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