Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trade Post: Just 1 card each way

Just one card, but there are a lot of special things about it. To begin with I sent a 1953 Bowman Antique Auto card to fellow OldCardTrader Jim Craig who sent back this as a return. I most definitely was not expecting that, although Jim is the guy who was sending me vintage Braves under a program he calls "The Miller Braves project" where all I needed to do was return Millenial Braves (he likes the Braves, pretty sure he's in Atlanta this week catching some games).

Special #2 it's a vintage Brave yea, it is a 1950 John Antonelli, and lastly it is the ROOKIE! and in pretty good shape too.


  1. You trade cards with the 1980 Olympic gold medal goalie???


    1. Not the same fella. Although he was born in the 50s and also in May. lol. He also has ties to Ohio and Atlanta.