Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Year (Collecting) in Review

This year FLEW by way too fast for me. It was a tough year to say the least, but here we are going to wake up tomorrow (hopefully) and be participating in 2016. I will keep this post limited to just the 5 "goals" I set and posted 1 year ago.

#1) Not to miss a week without a post.  I could say I failed, but I won't. I managed to squeak out 170 posts this year counting this one. Down from the 204 I had last year. Of course most of that came before October (4 posts), November had just 5, and closing December out with 8.

#2) No new "mini" collections. Again, I could say I failed, but again I won't. My goal was to clear out the tons of mini collections and I started with a card dump, and I still have boxes sitting here waiting to be mailed for Part Two of that dump. I did separate a couple of others away from their cardboard prisons to put in their own private binders. So here I rationalize the 2 new mini collections which you will see in the upcoming year. As a result I  began to focus on set building as well, and I accomplished quite a bit there.

#3) Focus on getting the Braves Team sets done fast.  I didn't complete the base team sets well not all of them anyway. But as soon as they hit I scooped most of them up, and I am very satisfied with how that worked. Of course the Bowman Draft hit yesterday and several Braves I will need to grab up.

#4) Updating my want pages, especially 2008-2015.  BIG "F".  The only thing I got right here was 2015 and I still need to finalize that one this week hopefully.

#5) Have more fun collecting, and hit some shows.  A+ here. I hit my first show in 20 years this summer. It was a small show, but I made the drive a second time and came home with 106,000+ cards on July 4th. It took 5 months to sort those things out, and some of them albeit sorted still do not have a home.

Overall, I pass on 4 and fail on 1. Simple math makes it an 80 (with the curve and all, lol).

I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. I was thinking of going to that Lakeland show this weekend. Don't forget Bowmans best too!

    1. did it, put them on the want page yesterday. thanks. remember it is a small show, but usually some good stuff. have fun

  2. Congratulations on attending your first card show in 20 years. Really wish more of them would pop up in my area. Happy New Year!