Friday, December 18, 2015

Freaky Friday

No, there aren't any weird cards, just my lame attempt for posting Wednesday's post two days late.

I guess the height  difference between Reggie & Bip could be a little freaky.


Hockey stick on a baseball card might work too. Then again so might the multi exposure cards. There are several of them in the 1995 Score. The Biggio is a Grand slam for me. Why you ask?

1 for the set build, done, 1 for the multi exposure done, 1 for the Biggio binder, not done, and 1 for the Cameo binder because the cameo player is a binder guy of mine. (a theme that I really haven't busted out-  trying to hold off til 2016.  And yes, Mark Parent is a binder guy from the birthday binders.

Wow, just Wow!  The card layout (backside) makes this leap look SO MUCH bigger than it was actually. but WOW.

Why did Ellis make this post? Simple, clearly the ball is of no interest to him in this shot.

Okay, the facial expression is a little freaky to me.

Easy one, Not everyday cardboard can you see JUGS on it.

Mickey on a baseball card.


  1. With a card like that, it's no surprise Daron Kirkreit never made it past Triple-A.