Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ahhhhhhhh! posting from home.

I had a little okay a lot of trouble getting to sleep tonight, so I got up and started monkeying around with the laptop and I finally figured out the security issue with my home wifi. Yippee!.

It is Wednesday so I might as well throw a few Wacky cards at you this morning (on the East Coast).

A little backside backside action. Oh yeah there's a camera too.

This one's a little to close to the backside if ya know what I mean.

I'll just call this one the Baseball Heisman pose.

That just looks like it has to hurt.

Wes!!! Oops wrong burglar.

Eh, just a nice bat barrel.

This one made the scan because of the old school Pepsi Can.

Sammy says so, that's why.

Not sure why I put this throwback in with the Wacky scans, but oh well.  It feels good to be able to post from home again. So now I should be able to get back more of the Theme posts I have stored up.

See ya!

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