Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cards from A Cracked Bat

Julie sent a few cards my way, Got them yesterday, Apparently, the zip code was written wrong, But Good News from our Postal Service (which isn't too often) they figured it out and corrected it.  (34472).

Pretty sure I have both of these. The thing with the Bowman Platinum cards is it is so hard to tell which parallel card you have.

Julie was kind enough to send me 21 of the 30 card Team Stadium Club which I needed them. I now only need #s 1, 9, 26, and 27.

Some needed color. The Gomes is rainbow.

Again all hits here. My first Immaculate card and its numbered to /99.

Purple and Green Tribute Smoltz, very nice! I didn't even know I needed the Glavine New Pinnacle on my "non" website want list that I carry around with me.

Last but not least this beautiful GQ framed card.

Before I close out, just have to comment on the headlines today. $526K for that 1952 Mantle, please tell me there isn't collusion going on somewhere with that. Kind of overpaid by $300K huh.. Speaking of overpaying: What are the Cubbies up to? I hated it the Braves let Heyward go, but seriously $184M? And Zobrist? and.... They better watch it they may have to deal Bryant away.   LOL!  Just kidding Cub fans, good luck in 2016.


  1. glad you received the cards John, and that you needed a few of them. when I checked your blog want list, I thought all were on it. That was probably a month ago though. I'd hoped to get them in the mail a bit more quickly. Have a good Christmas - and thanks for thinking of me!