Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trade with Jimi Vintage

Last week Jimi Thayer an OCTer had posted several messages about wanting to "CLEAR OUT" some cards. The first post was optioning non vintage teams, which I gladly chimed in for some Braves. However, I was not the only one who called dibs on the Braves, so Jimi kindly split them. Jimi also offered up a near complete duplicate set with extras from 1984 Michael Jackson, yeah I know, but I had some already in my "non-sports" stuff, so again I chimed in for those too, Go figure no one else did, lol. Now I have another 100 or so of those, and no worries I am not showing those today. Jimi also offered up some "Return of the Jedi" cards which I also claimed, but did not scan either.  Why? Well.......Jimi sent enough Braves to fill today's post very well. I mean very well, so I only scanned the ones that I needed which was about half of what he sent.

I scanned them by brands (for themost part), That way once I post them I can easily put them into their appropriate binders.

Up first we have Donruss products.

Next up are the insert and oddballs.

I have no idea where the tint on the Glavine came from, as it is most definitely not on the card. I did actually already have the Smoltz Ace, but hey I like two of everything, Right........LOL!

Oh lookie, a Uecker and a Sain.

Jimi sent along doubles as well, but again not scanning those.

I did have the Horner already.

Next up......Bowman.

Bowman can be a bit confusing so I will label these. Above we have 2003 Bowman, (very thick cards).

2003 Bowman Draft Picks.

2002 Bowman Draft Picks. I paired these this way so that YOU might think they were doubles like I did at first, but they aren't.   LOL.

A pair 1997s and a pair of 1992s.

2004 Bowman Chrome.

2001 Bowman Chrome.

2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks.

2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks.

Next up Score, Pinnacle, Skybox, and Pacific. (and 1 Ultra).

The Glavine is the Premium Stock version, very cool and the first in my collection.

Next up Topps....

Upper Deck, anyone?

I need another of those Glavines (actually two more) The back side has a signing shot of Glavine.

Okay, I see the umpire in the background and another Braves player. But who is the guy in the red jacket and jeans?

Nice Chipper throwback.

That Jordan came with a dup, so I can put it in my Flag Binder. That Pratt would go nicely in one of Nicks binders as would the Diaz play at the plate. I absolutely DIG the dans in the background on the Renteria.

That was only half of the Braves cards Jimi sent. The rest I already had or they were/are Jimi doubles.   Thanks Jimi!.