Thursday, January 1, 2015

A look to the year ahead

Last year I didn't really have "SET" goals for the hobby, my collectionS, or this blog (just had a plan). I did start last year off with regular daily predetermined posts and that was going pretty well until May.  This year I am laying out specific goals for my collections and this blog.

1) No missed weeks for the blog!
               Even when life gets in the way, my goal is to have a least one (hopefully more) interesting                  and thought out post.

2) Do not add anymore mini-collections.
               I absolutely have enough already, so much that I started getting rid of them in part one of                    the card dump. I will more than likely "dump" more this year. This will reduce the number                  of binders and pages needed.

3) Focus on knocking out the base team sets asap, then the inserts, and lastly parallels.

4) Finish updating the want list pages, specifically 2008-2015.

5) Have more fun collecting by trying to go to several shows. This means traveling in most cases 1.5                 hours each way so they will need to be "BIG" shows. I will need time to plan it out as the                     primary caregiver for my mom, so any heads up on "BIG" shows in Central Florida will be a               HUGE help.

I believe this should be sufficient, and possible although not a slam dunk per say.

Again best wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year!