Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Mini: Rate them please

In my previous post I mentioned my mini collections and having enough of them. Here I am going to list them in no specific order other than MY NUMBER 1 favorite will be first of course. What I'd like to see is everyone rate them in the order which they favor, one being the most and so on. Let's have a little fun and get started. Don't rank them on the cards shown, but the "mini collection itself".

#1: Bubble Gum cards.  cards featuring preferably someone blowing a bubble.

#2 Autographed cards. self explanatory.

#3 Memorabilia cards. self explanatory.

#4 The Name Game. cards of athletes that share their name with another famous person. Bobby Mercer character from the movie Four Brothers played by Mark Wahlberg, which also shares his real name with the host of Antique Roadshow.

#5 Rated Rookies. cards marked rated rookie. Notice this is the Leaf version, I know I had the Donruss too, but can't seem to find it. Must have traded it away, shame on me.

#6 Rookie Trophy Cups: self explanatory. I recently traded away a 1967 by mistake, but oh well this is my oldest trophy card.

#7 Flags. basically any card deemed patriotic, usually red, white, and blue and a flag or "flagish"

#8 Miller. cards of famous person usually athlete with Miller as a last name.

#9 Hall Worthy. cards of HOFers, and those that are worthy, and those that "used to be" worthy.

#10 Bunt. self explanatory. I probably should have used a non-pitcher for this scan.

#11 Offensive Pitchers. preferably batting, but with bat is okay, as well as on base or running bases.

#12 Insert/Oddball cards. self explanatory.

#13 Diamond Kings: not the set, but the inserts and subsets Diamond Kings cards.

#14 Birthday Binders. self explanatory. I have three different dates 9/16, 2/25, and 1/30.

#15 Doughnuts. self explanatory.

#16 Braves in the Background. self explanatory.

#17 #1s. cards depicted #1 draft/round picks, preferably noted on card front.

#18 No Hitters: cards highlighting a no hitter, usually on front.

#19 Dip Shits or Dip Shots (your choice). cards clearly marking a dip can in pocket.

#20 Broken Bats. self explanatory.

#21 #42s. cards clearly showing 42 as the jersey number baseball only.

#22 Multi Exposure. self explanatory.

#23 Super Man. cards showing player laid flat out hands forward.

#24 Crosses/Easter: cards showing jewelry crosses usually necklaces, but have some earrings too.

#25 juggling. self explanatory.

#26 t-shirts. t-shirts that I like on baseball player card.

#27 tee shots: cards showing player hitting off of a tee.

#28 T 206 White Border. yeah the real ones.

#29 Football. cards of baseball player throwing football.

#30 Rosin bags. self explanatory.

#31 Signing. self explanatory.

#32 Giving Credit. self explanatory.

#33 Fist Pumps. self explanatory.

#34 Franken-Set. self explanatory. no scan for this one, and no need to rank it.

Just go 1-33. Enjoy!

I do have a few others but those do not include baseball cards, whereas the ones above include pretty much any cardboard but especially baseball cards.


  1. Here's my top 15. 6,12,18,21,18,13,11,10,9,7,5,4,3,2,17

  2. Not sure I could rate all 33, but here are some of my favorites. 31, 21, 20, 6, 2.

  3. 6 and 21 have made it into two tops fives!

  4. My top five is probably 2, 12, 20, 23, 31. And what about shadow shots??!

    1. I dumped them as a mini collection early last year. However, that doesn't mean I won't show some off here and there as I find newer ones. It was definitely fun doing those Saturday Shadow Shots.

  5. UPDATE: 2, 12, and 20 now also occupy 2 spots in TOP 5s, 31 has two appearances with 1 in a TOP 5.

  6. 31,22,19,13,11,7 i like these, in no particular order

    really have never thought about just collecting cards like this...instead of player/team collections

    thanks for th eidea

    1. You are welcome. But in NO way does this mean INSTEAD of. LOL. I collect all Braves cards (team collection), and my player collections (over 100 of them). I hated getting rid of so many cards (now I love too, LOL). I plan on whittling the "mini collections" down to 15-20.

  7. My favorites are 15, 20, 33, 29, 1, and 11.