Thursday, January 29, 2015

A thank you

Last week I popped by my house and found a surprise in the mail box. What was it???? Well we all know that it was those little pieces of cardboard that make us smile. That is exactly what I did as I opened up these goodies from fellow blogger Daniel Wilson (it's like having my own card shop). Dan the man sent along many Braves, among them were these binder hits.

2005 Diamond Kings red frame.

Hmmm.... Why am I showing both sides of this card?  Especially, when I have two copies already.
Well, that is an easy one. 1: Superman binder 2: tee shirt, and lastly 3: cross earring for the Easter mini collection (one of those not mentioned in the rate these post). I needed a third copy of DAvis and now I have one.

Some refractor goodies.

 Insert goodies.

I used to have all of these except for the redemption ones. I had the Maddux still, now I have the rest of the Braves.......again.

A short numbered (#d/46) Leaf Exhibits. Just my second card from this huge, huge NEED list.

Yepper, that's a Goudey Graph!

Now Daniel thought this Arod was hitting my doughnuts binder, but I don't count those bat weights as a doughnut. No problem, it was needed in my Arod binder. Funny thing is I dislike Arod, but still collect his cards. Go figure.

More inserts.  Thank you much Daniel. Glad you liked the D'backs.

What's next?  My next post will be my 250th and I have something planned that I hope you guys and gals like.