Sunday, September 29, 2013

September trading

Another month of trading, which netted over 10,000 cards in all. 6,000 cards were basketball, which are now sorted but I don't know what to do with, except for the Jordans', I will be be keeping most of them. The rest will be put into my org on Beckett eventually. 3,000 football, most of which are sorted and entered into my org including 7 Robert Griffin III, and 1,000 baseball. Not much in the way of vintage cardboard, but last month was a homerun in that aspect.

I was able to add 30 Elways to my "SUPER COLLECTION" now sitting at 1275 unique cards, 31 magazine covers, 20 figures, 16 plates, 800 dupes (440 different), and always a lot of misc items. I really want to hit the 1500 unique cards mark by year's end. I believe I just might. The highlight card this month was an Elway serial numbered to 10, and was number 7 (7/10). Got to love that, at least I do, lol.

The 2 new projects have started to show progress, at least on the Atlanta Braves side. The Gators is slow to get moving, but shall be finished as there are only 185 of them to get, through 2013.

Zero T206 cards this month, not even my desperate cry out for poor to fair cards netted my any. Good thing I'm a patient man, when it comes to that set.

I was also able to pull a good handful of baseball cards for fellow blogger NICK and his many mini collections. I must say I do enjoy reading his blog, keeps me inspired. They are in tomorrow's mail run buddy. (there are thousands more packed away in boxes).

I did have to buy 6 monster boxes, and I am still short a couple. Still piles of cards here and there, just not so much as the last 2 months, which I am still very proud of myself. Although I need to back the large trading down abit ( I did two 75 card lot trades today, that's coming in with only 2 going out on 1, and 16 on the other).  But that seems to be the trend on Beckett. I don't like that, but when they don't have cards you actually collect then to make a trade work for them you take a lot on that you otherwise wouldn't. I did make 3 other smaller trades there today too.

I like the smaller trades 5-10 cards each way, which I get from fellow bloggers, my site (which has undergone major reform),   and other trade groups to which I belong like OCT (Old Card Traders) and the like. I don't mind the 1-2 card trades either, they are actually more fun to me, and so much easier to just get the trade done.

I should have the 25,000 cards to trade listed in my organize on beckett by tomorrow, as I had hoped.  (Beckett id  jfmjr1966), its free to look to check it out and if you see something you like e-mail me at

My personal collections are by priority: John Elway anything (not just cards), T206 White Borders, 70's Vintage Wackys, vintage baseball and football trade bait, The 2 new projects: Atlanta braves 1st year uniforms, and the 1st year NFL uniforms of former Gators.

Until next time, cya

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