Thursday, September 5, 2013

Look what the mail lady brought me today

I just had to get on here and write about the haul that came today. Nearly 4,000 football cards that is.
In addition to the normal Elway hit or two, I got 7 hits from one trader for my PC John  Elway Super collection. Working hard to hit that infamous 1500 unique, getting there hopefully by Christmas.

In the 4K football cards were a hundred 2010 Absolute memorabilia, with 1 game used prime patch serial numbered 21/50, another rookie game jersey, a spectrum card, and absolute heroes card.  There were close to 750 Ultra cards (I like those cards, always have for modern day cards), handfuls of premium cards too.

But the big haul was the 250 vintage baseball cards mainly 50's and 60's maybe 25-30 early 70's, now those are going to be fun looking at this weekend!

I had figured on getting a thousand cards in total for the month of September, boy was I wrong, lol. I still have two large trades in the works. With that said, I bid you farewell as I must do some sorting.
Until next time.



  1. Score! How did you land such a large and varied lot?

    1. Total 6 different trades. The Vintage baseball cost me a Mantle, The Elways I needed cost me a few Jeters, The 50 + Elways were just thrown in (more dupes)on a separate trade, the 2010 Absolute set me back two game used cards dillon and alexander, and the bulk of the other football cards set me back a total of $35.00. and the a couple of smaller 1/2 card trades.